Hello world!


the garden path

Here we are, the blog journey starts here, the garden will follow promptly.

Me n Lucas are just back from the site, a secluded courtyard within Sydney College of the Arts.

This was my first visit to the site, as i get roped into this gardening experiment, while Lucas have been following and fostering the whole project since past December.

But anyway, read the about page to find out what this ‘hello world’ is all… about. My purpose here is only to start it off, with a header image, and a general heads up.

We will be gardening in  the courtyard behind the library, we will be producing herbs and veggies, compost scraps and build garden beds, let the weeds go wild and mow them back to submission, collaborate with students/lecturers/caterers/gardeners and blog about it.

Is definitely gonna be a whole lot of green-thumbed fun, with the benefits of some kooky outcomes, foreseeable results and unexpected turns..brilliant!

So, the result of today’s visit was a plan, which will be kept quiet until we confirm with all parties involved