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The number of people taking advantage of the possibilities Tending offer are steadily growing.
Thanks to the organizational skills of Gemma, Tending recently hosted a night of performances, Agar Dish, an ongoing commitment to performative practices.
Agar Dish has been staged in several location through out the campus, allowing for the emergence, presentation, promotion and trials of various students works loosely connected by the need of audience interaction for their activation.


Great work were presented, most in developing stages, and therefore wild, not precious and playful, like the reading tent, (sorry I still don’t know who was the artist and what the title of the work would be, if there is any).
In it the artist sat and read about evolution, allowing for the public to inhabit the small, intimate construction.
Or the glass blower, who on the night, via a series of striking gestures amplified in the dark by the glare of the blowtorch, made a glass tree!


Both work’s remnants are still in the garden for people to have a look at.
I am in negotiation with the organizers to have some of the documentation shots presented here on the blog, soon to come.

Next week then Michelle will be coming to Tending with a number of disabled people from the area.
Michelle has been running gardening activities for the group from sometimes, and the possibility to have access to dirt for her group is of great advantage, as they will only have to come up Victoria Rd and down Balmain St. As local as it gets.

In the meantime yesterday on a rainy day, Lizzie and Aanya sowed what the termed ‘The Lady’s Garden’, a patch of flowers and blessings:


Finally. hot off the press, Alana Hunt just published an article about Tending, questioning the process of a growing garden.
You will find it on RealTime, see the link here


diego mowing

22 March 2011

Today’s desk
quote… ‘Grass is
the forgiveness of
nature – her
Forests decay,
harvests perish,
flowers vanish, but
grass is immortal’.
Brian Ingalls x

Lisa Kelly