But then what you do with it?


Ok, Tending is producing, big time, the tender tending to the tending garden is bearing fruit, giving us back potatoes, tomatoes, parsley, lemon grass, basil, cucumbers and more to come (see this promising watermelon!)

One important aspect of gardening is that when you have an abundance of harvest, you need to preserve it.
So here I am, with a bunch of great, organic, healthy, free cucumbers, and below is the responses to my task of finding out what to do with them.


From Facebook:

while Lucas chimes in on Flickr:

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bilateral (2 days ago | reply)

ok, here’s a recipe for making those pickles, boss:

www.flickr.com/photos/bilateral/364425028/in/ photostream/

and a pic of the results, when i made them a few years ago:

www.flickr.com/photos/bilateral/364420890/in/ photostream/

these days, i reckon i’d slice em more finely.

do you need any jars?


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