How do you get involved?


This was found on the blackboard this morning, and here is the answer I wrote.
Fortunately Liam is a clever individual, and popped in today, so to have a chat.
It’s all fine, he wanted to know what would be the procedure and where are the boundaries of involvement, for which I replied ‘none’ and ‘none’..
I mean, do consider all other’s efforts, but if you would like to do something at Tending, well, just do it. Leave traces behind, write on the board who you are, what you doing and what is your aim, and that would be pretty much it for requirements.
Just let everyone know out of courtesy what you’re doing, and then go for it.

Call out for involvements are all over, in most cases the only pre-requisite is energy and willingness, like the upcoming Agar Dish night, organised by Gemma, of SCASS, one of the Student Association groups active in the campus.
The night will be hosted in the garden, on the 18th May, applications are open now, contact as from flier below :

In the meantime, pedroTV came to visit, and did some recording, we will find out soon enough if we make it past the editing room:

The garden is growing! thanks rain 🙂

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