new gardens of spring


Spring sprung, sorry the pun. It is here, the rainy moon we’re experiencing is thrusting everything into life, so green.
And people come out and make gardens, even more now.

Below is the result of a permablitz on a verge, in LiIlyfield, a couple of Ks down the hill, I believe Heather and Jes took part in it.


The result is outstanding, i was especially impressed by the size of the tomatoes plants and fruits, the rainy water lovingly fostering all plants.

A couple of new gardens came to be in Tending too. One, a classic combination, tomatoes and basil, each looking after the other, and the other is a start of a Banana circle,
Thanks to Michele of Enmore, who donated us a number of Lady’s finger banana pups, in exchange for soil, so we eagerly sealed the barter, and now we a have a starting wonder, right were the horse poo enriched the soil, they should love it.
Some of the cluster are going to another garden thou, yet another one 🙂
This time in Roselle, at Anyplace, were some brilliant growing will happen soon.
Me and Heather and Justine went to speak with Jase last week, and started some clean-up this sunday, stay tuned.

next Tending day is this thursday, from 9ish, Nick should pop in, and we the whole new pile of soil we collected from Callan Park’s gardeners, we should be ready to start the melissa garden no?

Below then is me posting a video

Big Green Thumbs Up

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