on how to plant garlic, or rather, a rainy day


Today was absolutely wet. The ghastly rain of the past week didn’t stop yet.
So braving the weather, we went off to Tending.
We started the day collecting a bunch of dirt from Glenn, the chief gardener from WHOS, the help center situated in Callan Park.
This association deserves a dedicated posting, so today I’m just going to talk about the rain:

Bucketing down..

Luckily we had the chance of putting down a garlic bed, in the intermissions, as it is getting late for it. Apparently the garlic should be planted by solstice (next week) so we were kind of in a hurry..

Below is Lucas explaining what, why and how of the garlic planting:

One thought on “on how to plant garlic, or rather, a rainy day

  1. hey, here’s some info on growing garlic:

    and some more:


    these recommend planting in autumn, whereas it’s already winter. strange. but michelle, our garden guru said it’s fine to plan it up to the solstice.

    well, let’s see how we go

    besides coming across as rather ignorant in the above video, i was, it seems, right about garlic having a long growing time. “Garlic usually takes about 8 months to produce a bulb,” according to one of those websites…

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