on watering systems and the abundance of it



It has been raining again, another wet moon, January promise to be no exception, more to come in the next weeks.
This is marvelous news for our gardens, and not so much for other areas where the downpours gained remarkable proportions..
The gardens, the parks, the streets and gutters all sport impressive growth.
Me and Lucas had a season’s break, while the whole campus at SCA shut down during the holiday.
To ensure a happy garden on our return we installed an automatic watering system, so that a minimal survival amount would be delivered.
But then it just kept reining, regularly, on intervals no longer then 10/15 days.

All the better for Tending, whose auspicious beginning brought potatoes, tomatoes, plenty of mustard greens and even unexpected peas from the mulch!


The new year is starting, and the garden seems keen.
As a side development we acquired a push mower, in attempt to manage some areas and harvest green manure. I requested to leave one little corner untouched, un-mowed, unrestrained, for the good of the complexities.

Here I am, believe or not, mowing the grass>>


One thought on “on watering systems and the abundance of it

  1. speaking of watering systems, I also wanted to point out this economical rough and ready garden bed installed by Aanya and her mum, Maria.

    tending december 17 2010

    Basically it’s a cardboard box filled with soil, placed strategically along the line of where the reticulation pipe snakes across the grass. Then they punched a hole and put in a dripper right over the box. I think they did about half a dozen of these boxes.

    In the boxes they planted watermelons, and pumpkins. The idea is that they’ll snake out across the lawn, who knows in what direction. Can’t wait to see how they’ve developed!

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