on how to reshape a garden

Lucas replanting the lettuce

Yesterday we spent the day in wonderful company at Tending. Our good friend Heather visited us with gardener extraordinaire Cecilia Macaulay, and all together we ventured in to the reshaping of one of the garden beds.
Cecilia is renowned for her intimate and permaculture-aware garden solutions, advising and running workshops on the subject in Australia and Japan, see her blog here.
The lovely personality was a welcome addition to a rather windy day, and gave impetuous to the reshaping of a circular garden created a couple of weeks back.
The careful selection of sandstones blocks available on site allowed for a more dynamic visual achievement which incorporated also the Kaffir lime, the Thyme bush and the Oregano into a little landscape.
How wonderful is to have such a generous offering of time and energy by all participants (big smile)
Big cheers for Jes as well, for taking pictures and general great company, and for Betty, who came along with a donation for the compost bin.
Come and check out the changes during this Saturday’ SCA open day!

Also big smile to the resident Mynah, who came to check our doings as soon as we let down of the shovel:

and as soon as we finish