Tending – growing grasses (the ferociously invasive kind!)

It was lovely, warm and calm working in Tending this morning! Bees were buzzing. Critters were doing their crittery-things, some students popped in and had a chat, …

Tending - a place of piece and quiet to recharge and reconnect

As part of the soon-to-come transformative work, I started sorting out a few things in the garden, collecting stakes, regrouping pots that were lying around under ferocious couch grass, inventorying plants species that needed to be saved, starting analysing the site for upcoming permaculture design… A busy morning for me!

I also started assessing the amount of work and the tools needed to convince couch, kikuyu and nut grasses (and many more unidentified ones!) to recede and let us grow food instead of invasive runners!

So here is an appeal!

Can you please email me (alexia[at]tending[dot]net[dot]au) if you can lend us the following items:

  • A robust whipper snipper – electric or petrol
  • A robust lawn mower – electric or petrol
  • A pig
  • Failing that a flock of hungry chickens?

Pigs and chickens would do magic at controlling the invaders and helping us cultivate the soil. But for reasons you can easily anticipate, they may not be quite entirely welcome on the school grounds!

That’s all for now.

We’ll be back at Tending next Thursday!


Tending I - recorded for posterity


Tending II - new beginnings


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