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cardboard donation from betty

So, both me and Lucas are pretty busy at the moment, getting ready the last details for the opening of the group show In The Balance: Art for a changing world, at the Musuem of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
We both have work in it, Lucas doing an environmental audit of the exhibition, blogging the findings and discussions on this blog and printing a number of posters as well.
While myself is presenting 5 Terrariums, 5 Tours and world of facebook friends (that’s the title).
The terrariums have been constructed by Ian and Matt at the MCA, and they look fantastic, the tours will be in September and October, see here for details, while the facebook part is an attempt at elevating botanical species social status, by inserting them in the social network by excellence.

So, that means that the tending project is not going to be attended this Thursday, sorry, bear with us, we will be back the week after with plenty of energy, to get ready the garden for the SCA open day on the 28th.

Regardless, as a good gardener, I went to check out the plants this morning, water a bit the straw planters and assess the general well being of the site, and i discovered a generous donation from Betty, the cafe’ manager, of cardboard boxes and food scraps for the compost bin, so thankyou thankyou!
..we will be on site Thursday 26!

One thought on “quick drop in

  1. aw we’ve only been away one week but i miss the ole Tending garden. Got a few leads for some more wormy soil donations too!
    Seeya next week

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